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Frits Janmaat

Maison Erard

maintenance restoration

rental for concerts

Are you an owner of an Erard grand piano or are you looking for a beautiful instrument?


You can come to us for maintenance, tunings, repairs and full restorations. Our showroom is always open, so come and have a look!


Maison Erard has a large selection of 19th and 20th century Erard grand pianos available for concert rental.

Many renowned pianists chose a grand piano from Maison Erard for their CD production, including Paolo Giacomettie and Ronald Brautigam.

Sebastien Erard
the greatest harp and piano builder of all time

The acclaimed book about the famous harp and piano builder Sébastien Erard is now available through the webshop.


The book received multiple great reviews and was even praised by the Bodleian Library Oxford. 


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