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Who is Sebastien Erard

The piano is without a doubt the most important instrument of today.
It is rightly called the orchestra of the living room. It is the indispensable aid of the great modern composers. The intense expression of the sound is infinitely variable and offers the ability to perform the most complex pieces of music.
The piano is always available to the musician; it does not require constant tuning. It does not matter to the performer's lungs or any other organs.

When properly tuned, the instrument imposes its tonal purity and tolerates neither the shortcomings nor the imperfections of the artist's hearing. This instrument is best suited for music education. You can only acquire musical knowledge without being used to the piano.
The piano is to some extent indispensable for education.
You may encounter the piano in simple living spaces; the original reservations regarding its weight and size did not prove to be an obstacle to its dissemination.


When one does not stand out during a musical performance, one rejects the violin, flute or cello, but one can almost be sure to find an a piano that qualifies for a romance, quadrille performances or simply entertaining a group of friends.
As a result of the continuous spread of the piano, the production of the instrument has become one of the leading industries, being among the major manufacturers of all countries.


Founded by Sébastien Erard more than a century ago, the manufacturer of pianos and harps is among companies that distribute a growing number of pianos around the world with each passing year.


The reason for the fact that “Les Grandes Usines” does not contain a description of the famous production, the creation now continued by Mme Erard and her collaborators in the tradition of the founders Sebastian and Pierre Erard, can be found in our search for sufficient specific documents to show our readers the prominent role Sébastien Erard and his cousin Pierre Erard have played in the ever so difficult art of piano making.

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